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Background of this wiki

The BCCampus ISWo workshop was renamed "Facilitating Learning Online" or "FLO" in February 2015.
The readings and resources that support the themes of the FLO Workshop are open-licensed and can be found on the SCoPE site at Self-Serve Workshops and Courses - OER
This is a Wikispaces Classroom. Although we're going to use this wiki as a wiki (not as a classroom), I wanted you to see what features you could use if you applied for a free Education account with Wikispaces. So take a look around the site at the additional options of events, discussion, assessment, projects. It might be an interesting wikispace to try for your next class?

Purpose of FLO Harvest Wiki

To compile the resources (readings, videos, etc.) suggested by, and the tools used by, participants in the FLO Workshop and to provide an easily accessible place to host the collection.
Over time this wiki has expanded to include artifacts created by participants, ideas for online learning activities, and ongoing questions posed by participants that haven't been satisfactorily answered ("OVERFLO")
The resources stored on this wiki are shared under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution Share-Alike license.

How to Contribute

Each page has a Discuss button at the bottom so feel free to add your comments or suggestions for better ways to organize the collection.

This wiki is open for browsing, but requires a login (assigned by me) to enable editing. This protects the site from spammers. Once you have a login, you can go to the How to contribute tools page and get started.
If you have tools or resources you'd like to contribute yourself, just let me know (through my email from the course site)

Please send me the email address and password you'd like to use to log into the site.

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