Please share links and information about tools you have used to communicate, collaborate, facilitate or teach/learn.
Add your tools to the following linked pages (you can add a tool to more than one page if it can be used in different ways)


Tools that can be used to help groups (teams) to complete learning activities together - either in "real-time" (synchronous) or at different times (asynchronous).


Tools that can be used to support communication between participants as groups, or as individuals.


Tools that help you add "spice" to online activities (without requiring advanced technologies, bandwidth or knowledge)

Media Production

a collection of audio, video, image resources and tools.


a collection of tools to help with organization, cataloguing, collection, time management, etc.

An alphabetical list of the tools suggested by contributors to this wiki:

List of Tools

More Lists...

The following lists include additional readings/videos or examples of introductions, explanations or learning objects created to support mini-sessions in past FLO-FDO workshops.

List of Additional Resources

List of FLO-FDO Multimedia Artifacts

List of Online Learning Activities

Guidelines for contributing tools:

Tools should be easily available - free or low-cost and you should have had some experience in using them. Share strengths and weaknesses and any examples of application (either links to what you created or a brief description of how you've used the tool)

Tip: Instead of attaching an invisible URL to a name or word, using the hyperlink tool, paste the URL into the text, select it and click on the hyperlink tool in the toolbar. Switch to "Web Address" and paste in the URL again. This creates a hyperlink that is visible by a text reader (for visually impaired users) and keeps the URL clickable.


Wikispaces.pngWikispaces - San Francisco
  • - no longer free unless you're accepted as an educator; free trial account available for 3 months for non-educators
  • Easy to use - adding test, editing with styles, colours, embed tables, hyperlinks, images, video, add files
  • 5 Gb free storage per account; content can be exported as a zip file for backup; you can delete a wiki without closing your account
  • Can create wiki that is public or has defined access rights for users
  • Educators acct allows "classroom" approach with discussion boards, announcements, events, some assessment & tracking
  • Untested features:
    • provide access through a code rather than signing up by individual emails (no Wikispaces account necessary apparently)
    • widgets (e.g., table of contents, tag clouds, etc.)
SylviaR Comments: I've used this wiki tool in teaching collaborative knowledge development, exploring contentious issues in social work and just to collect my own list of tools to try (and share with teachers). It's very easy to use and the Education version is great to support discussion and resource sharing.