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Coggle -

a free brower-based collaborative mind-mapping tool (also listed under Engagement, Mapping)
BethCB and SylviaR used to summarize last week of FLO Apr2016
  • free accounts - can share (or embed)
  • NOTE: tracking of user information may concern some users. Check terms.
  • collaborate by sending link
  • download diagrams as image or pdf (export as .mm or text)
  • 3 private diagrams (unlimited public diagrams)
  • unlimited image uploads
  • can arrange the mindmap branches
  • easiest mind-mapping program to use (IMHO - sr)
  • attractive, visually appealing, did I mention easy to use? (>1600 icons)
  • you can search the parts of your mind map - very useful
  • the blog is called "bloggle" - a little cutesy but whatever
  • only $5/month for basic membership Types of accounts

Creately -

web-based open source drawing tool
used as base drawing tool for FLO-Design 2017
  • free to use, save diagrams to your device or Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.
  • good tutorials available
  • flexible options for styles, quick cloning, can add additional figures/objects

Google Drawing - https://**drawings**.**google**.com/

free, web-based diagramming software
used as base drawing tool for FLO-Design 2017
  • requires Google account, available as part of GoogleDocs or GoogleSheets
  • Look under Insert menu
  • has shapes, lines, colours, text boxes
  • allows collaboration with others - can share open link so others don't have to have Google accounts?
  • can embed images and hyperlinks

Gliffy -

web-based drawing tool
suggested by StephanieB FLO-Design 2017
  • free service allows you to create and download images of your drawings, or store them and link; paid service provides embed code and sharing
  • is pretty easy to use - good for flowcharts

Lucidchart -


a collaborative flowcharting tool that integrates with others (e.g., Google)
used by Patsy and Nicole in FLO-Design Feb2017
  • sign up for a free account - no time limit
  • free acct limits - 5 documents, 60 objects per document (counts lines, shapes and images), 25 MB storage
  • only 2 collaborators per document
  • paid accounts $4.95 - $8.95 / month
  • saves out in Visio formats, integrates with Gdocs
  • various tutorials and help docs -

Popplet -

a web-based or mobile app to capture and organize your ideas
tool used in Week 5 Looking Back, Looking Forward activity - Nov2014 (SylviaC)
  • free account
  • popplets are public
  • works like a simple mind-mapping tool
  • allows you to draw freehand inside a popplet bubble or embed an image - not sure of file size limits
  • collaborative Popplet Groups available for educators - $2 per person up to 50 people