a new page to gather together the resources for audio, screencasts, videos, websites

Please follow the example on the "How to contribute tools" page. Add as many tools as you like!

Remember: Contribute tools that you have tried yourself. Share tips and concerns; explain how you used the tool or share a link to what you created.

Create Videos/screencasts

Animoto - https://animoto.com/


web-based video production
  • no free account - 14 day trial
  • appears to allow download of video during the trial period - https://animoto.com/pricing
  • create slideshow videos, marketing videos, mobile videos
  • used by GolnazG in RRU FLO May2016

Camtasia - https://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html


a desktop, video-based screen capturing software program.
  • must be purchased - can download a test version for free for 30 days
  • Zoom, pan, or create your own custom motion effects
  • add voice narration and/or background music or sound effects
  • add quizzes to check on viewer participation
  • use green screen effect to add yourself to the screen capture video
  • used by DeniseG in Sept2016 FLO

Jing - http://www.techsmith.com/jing.htmljing-logo-gray.png

Download this free screen capture software that lets you capture basic video, animation and still images and share them on the web (through Screencast)
  • lots of support and tutorials - well tested and proven product
  • ability to annotate screencasts - add audio and arrows, overlays
  • contributed by FrankF - who uses it all the time to develop helpful screencasts when people get stuck with new tech tools!

Prezi - http://prezi.com/Prezi_logo.png

an online presentation tool that is characterized by zooming in and out (also listed under Collaboration)
tool contributed in ISWo March 2014
  • 1 month free trial then $4.92/month - free Education account (needs approval by Prezi)
  • allows embedding of PDFs, audio, video and upload of PowerPoint slides
  • you have 500 MB storage and can delete presentation
  • free accounts can't hide presentations; Education accounts can
  • lots of free templates, examples - can present using online version or download to desktop
SylviaR - I find it really helps me focus on the concepts I'm trying to get across; watch out for swooping effect as it can give viewers vertigo! A recent Prezi on OER as an example - Explore OERs in B.C. - http://prezi.com/dkht0fpjod_d/
ReubenG example ISWo Nov2014 - Summary of week 3 mini-session feedback

Screencast - Screencast.com


``a video online sharing service to view, store and share digital videos through a range of electronic devices including personal tools such as computers and hand-held devices - made with Jing or Snag-it or
other Techsmith tools
  • 2 GB of storage and 2 GB monthly bandwidth
  • unlike many other free storage sites, you retain the rights to what you upload
  • download in mp4 format
  • allows for comments on your content
  • US company - based in Okemos, MI
  • Terms of Use - For the sole purpose of enabling us to display your digital content through the Service and fulfilling any orders for you or those with which you have shared your content, you grant to TechSmith a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, copy, distribute, and display that digital content. Please note that when you share your Screencast.com content, you allow the recipients to share and make copies of that content.

Screencast-O-Matic - http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/

tool suggested during Week 3 ISWo Nov2014 - tested by RobertW

  • free screen and/or webcam recording from website or download to PC or Mac
  • max. 15 min recording (free acct)
  • free hosting (up to 15 min per upload)
  • publish screencast to different formats - avi, mp4, flv
  • publish to Youtube HD
  • published version will carry watermark

RonaldW example - ISWo Nov2014 - SCoPE Week 5 Mini-session http://youtu.be/Eqa1gPAwDJA

Create Infographics

Piktochart - http://piktochart.com/

Easily create infographics to visually present information.

AndreaK comments: I used the $15/month plan pretty extensively and was surprised at the complete
lack of glitches or other technical problems.
  • good selection of templates and graphics
  • $15/month unlocks full selection of templates & graphics, $29/month for unlimited features (pro version)
  • easy to use
  • if you downgrade, you still get to keep infographics created with paid features

Images-audio-video resources

tinyjpg.pngTinyJPG - https://tinyjpg.com/

a smart jpg and png compression tool
  • recommended by Capilano University Moodle support staff
  • free, easy to use, no sign-up required
  • used to make web pages more easily accessible from mobile devices
  • used to optimize images for Powerpoints, embedded images on web pages, etc.

Audio Library from Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/


free music tracks and sound effects
  • requires a Google or Youtube account - free but asks for contact info plus age, gender, mobile phone
  • sorted by genre, mood, instrument, duration, favorites
  • add to your uploaded videos or download in mp3 format
  • terms of use require that the music be integrated into a project or video - not distributed as stand-alone music
  • suggested by Rosie

LibGuides from Royal Roads University

Open Educational Resources - how to find and use
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio

SylviaR Comments: I've used all these sites and found them really useful. RRU's library staff have done a really good job of giving you brief, cogent explanations of each link. Try them all to find media you can use "as is", or if license permits, repurpose into something uniquely your own.

openclipart-logo.pngOpenClipArt - https://openclipart.org/

shared by BonnieN in FLO Sept2016
  • a favourite source for public domain images and clip art
  • no signup required - free download

Pixabay-logo.pngPixabay - https://pixabay.com/

a great resource for free (CCO license) images, video and vector graphics
  • can download without signing up but faster if you do - just email and password
  • quality is generally good
  • no attribution required (CCO)
  • sugggested by several participants

Pixlr - https://pixlr.com/

Contributed by SylviaR

Snag-IT - http://www.techsmith.com/snagit.html

Download this screen capture software - high quality images and video - reasonable price
SylviaR Comments: I`ve used Snag-it since it was $25 - now try it free for 15 days but $49.95 to buy thereafter
Well worth it - very nice annotations and lots of functionality. Used it since 2007 and never had a problem.
  • currently, free options like Jing are just about as good
  • if you don`t do a lot of illustrated help documents, it might be too much for you
  • a US company - always had good response to help requests
  • can use on more than one device as long as not simultaneous

No longer available - Nov 2015 - Screenr - https://www.screenr.com/


Web-based screen recording service from Articulate (maker of paid versions of related software)

  • free service - stores and shares (uses Flash) to Twitter, etc. - all recordings are public
  • displays on all devices (apparently - I haven't tested)
  • variable screen capture size - uses high def ratio
  • used for old version of how to navigate ISWO course site (Tracy or BJ?)